Friday, April 24, 2009

youtube junk #2: The Cat vs. Crab edition

Get you fancy pants on because it's time for youtube to show us the epic battle of Cat vs. Crab.

The first video starts with a cat resting comfortably on a chair outside.
A Budweiser sits in the camera frame. Make sense that alcohol would be involved in cat/crab fights. This cat seems to want peace and so does the crab.
But the drunken family cheers them on.
The children wonder if the crab is dead.
"No he is very alive." says one onlooker.
Who will win? Watch and find out:

Crab 1 Cat 0

This next clip starts out with a gang of cats confronting a lone crab at Backpack Point, OH. What happens next will shock you:

Or maybe not. It's a draw. I get the feeling that Cat vs. Crab isn't as exciting as it sounds.

Crabs that smoke on the other hand...

Or how about this guy:

And finally, this might be the #1 reason for youtube... commercials for Member's Only jackets:

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  1. OMG! He wears it with a tuxedo! I wish I was a member.