Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My Old Bedroom Wall part 1

Recently I found a photo of my bedroom wall circa 1987.
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Isn't it grand?

I remember the hour or two I spent cutting those photos out of WWF Magazine, Muppet Magazine and a few other places... then slapping 'em on the wall.

I decided to identify the 60 pieces of art that are shown in this photo:
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1. Kermit the Frog as Pee Wee Herman: How cool is that?!? I know this was in Muppet Magazine. I wish I still have this because I would love to hang this up someplace today. Actually, I could probably find it in a calendar or something if I really looked. Heck, it's probably on the Internet somewhere. But, really, where would I put it. You know, I am glad I tossed it.

2. Hulk Hogan vs King Kong Bundy: Action shot. I wasn't a really big Hogan fan, but I really think I used 1 WWF magazine, 1 Muppet magazine, 1 Pro Wrestling Illustrated and very little else to decorate this wall.

3. Don Muraco: The original Rock. You wish you had that on your wall.

4. Animal as David Lee Roth: Another Muppet poster, this one Animal is dressed like David Lee Roth in the "Dave TV" segment from one of his videos... I think it was either "Just a Juggalo" or "Runnin' with the ICP."

5. Macho Man Randy Savage: Pretty sure this is him standing on the apron wearing one of his silly outfits. Or he is standing on one of his silly outfits and wearing an apron.

6 & 7. Article on Brutus The Barber Beefcake: I think this article showed him getting his haircutting license or some such nonsense.

8. Ax (or Smash): This scary hooded figure was one half of Demolition. Damn, they were the coolest wrestling tag team when they debuted.

9. The Bushwackers: Yeah, Luke and Butch. I would like to take a moment to point out the cool haphazard angled look of most of the photos. This made my room extra cool.... even though I had a picture of The Bushwackers on the wall.

10. Smash (or Ax): Still cool.

11. Hulk Hogan and Miss Elizabeth: Another action shot. I think this was before she got hit in the head by a guitar. Wrestling is cool.

12. A bunch of Muppets: Nuff said.

13. The Hart Foundation: Cooler than The Bushwackers not as cool as Demolition.

14. Not sure.

15. CD Cover from Piledriver-The Wrestling Album II

16. Hmmmm.... I can't be sure about this. It may be photo of a lady wrestler clipped from GLOW magazine. I think there was only one issue of GLOW magazine.

17. Glow Girl: Can't be sure which one... like it matters.

18. I don't remember. And to be honest with you, I am starting to wish I hadn't decided to break down EACH picture.

19. Roddy Piper: Seriously, do I need to write an explanation here? Or can I assume you know who he his. Almost a third of the way through this nonsense.

20. I really can't tell on this one. You know, I want to apologise for being so grumpy on the last couple of descriptions. I know it's not your fault that I decided to write this stuff. I just have some pain in my neck (actual pain in my actual neck... it's not a metaphor) and I am a bit hungry. Sorry.

21. Double Jake "The Snake" Roberts: I guess one Jake "The Snake" is good, two is great. Plus you can look at it and see what it looks like when Jake "The Lush" looks in the mirror.

22. I can't tell. In fact, this might just be some variation in the paint texture... but that's not likely. Dad's a bit of a perfectionist. I can't imagine he would paint the wall uneven. I can't imagine he would let me cover up his nice paint job with a picture of The Bushwackers either, though.

23. More wrestling. It looks like someone is about to do a figure four on someone else.

24. Glow girl in a swim suit. Looks sexy even at this resolution. Of course it could be Hulk Hogan... I think I need to rip my eyes out.

25. Rick Rude: Yup, the ravishing one.

26. Half of Demolition and Mr. Fuji: Sadly it looks like Smash was on the other side of the page and not put on the wall. Axe and Fuji look awesome, however.

27. Weird Al's Band: I probably xeroxed this at the library.

28. Hulk Hogan or Don Muraco in the Piledriver video. I can't tell which one. I am leaning towards it being Muraco.

29. Macho Man, Liz and a guitar: She got hit in the head with it... or maybe he did... I can't remember anymore... I use the "three dots" thing too much... don't you think?

30. Cover of the WWF Magazine featuring Macho Man. I bet if I get a copy of this off eBay I can re-create this wall. That would be pretty cool.

To be concluded...

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