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Random Stuff from the IMDB

I love the IMDB, I probably don't go two days without checking it for some reason or other.

Often, I find some strange stuff there and, well, I figure it would be easier to share that with you rather than create some humor on my own.

My laziness knows no bounds.

Here is what I found:

The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again (1979)
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One of the funnyest!, 22 February 2003

I love the fact that he spells it funnyest.

I think that is funni.

I thought this was one of the funnyest movies I have seen.. This almost surpasses Cannonball Run and Cannonball Run 2.. It's a must see..

I love the choice of Cannonball. So odd. Speaking of odd, note how he uses the double period.

Tim Conway was as funny as he has been in some of his other movies like the Dwarf..

He means Dorf. Like Dorf on golf. Not Dwarf. Not Dwarf on golf. Not in a box. Not with a fox. He likes Dorf, Sam I Am.

But I thought Don Kotts took the cake.. I have watched it twice and after writing this I am going to watch it again..

Sadly, he cannot eat any cake as he watches because Don Knotts took it.

Heres another review by the same dude:

Ravenous (1999)
Great strange film, 4 April 2002

I have to rate this, like "I spit on your grave".. I loved the movie, even though there wasn't that many ads showing it in the theater..

I am not sure I understand what he is talking about. I guess he says he never saw many ads for this or I Spit on your Grave, but he enjoyed it despite the lack of advertising? I'm a bit puzzled. Whenever I get this confused I try and calm myself by eating some comfort food.

Where is that cake? DON KNOTTS!!!
I was told about it and just had to see it.. I went and was amazed at it..
I ended up seeing it three times in the theater and renting it from my local rental place and ended up buying it when the price went down... The movie itself stars Robert Carlyle from "The Full Monty" and also stars Guy Pearce from "Alive" and more. one thing I think is strange though.. Guy Pearce is just about always in movies where the eat each other... Not sure why, but anyway, still a great movie....


You'll like it if Hannibal and Alive is your cup of tea..

Is that really a kind of tea? Would go great with cake... arrrgggh!

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if the dolphin bit him (spoiler) by n1ckwo1f (Sun Aug 27 2006 22:10:43)
what do you think would of happened if in the end the dolphin bit him? anyone think it should of?

What if the Dorfin bit him? Or what if it was just a dwarf? And it wasn't trying to bite him, it was about to bite a piece of cake, but Don Knotts stole it?

That would be cool.

BTW, I am not going to reveal the film they are talking about since it might spoil something. I really don't know, I haven't seen Failure to Launch so I won't name it... oh shoot.

Would've been funny as *beep* but of course they want to show that he is in tune with nature now that he has moved out of his parents house so therefore the dolphin knows this and doesn't bite him.

But is he in touch with Dorf? Cause I wanted to leave him a message and I lost his number.


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