Monday, September 26, 2005

Smitty D Goes to a Surprise Party

Smitty was in a rush. It didn't help that he was wearing new shoes that just didn't fit right.

In fact, it's safe to say they fit wrong.

The shoes were cheap. He bought them in a bin at the grocery store and to be honest, they were pretty ugly.

They looked like the shoes they give you when you rent a tuxedo.

Ugly stupid shoes.

He glanced at his watch. "Shoot" he thought "I'll never make it!"

Still, he was in a hurry and shoes or no shoes he had to go.

Wait a minute! No shoes! What a good idea.

So he kicked off the shoes and ran down an alley.

Suddenly he burst through the door just in time.

Panting loudly, he whimpered "here... this... returned" and handed the clerk a stack of VHS tapes of episodes of "Nova."

The cashier grinned.

Not a nice grin, mind you, a mean grin. The kind of grin that people get when they are getting revenge.

"Sir," the cashier said "you missed our cut off for returns. These are now late."

Smitty felt the pang of regret as he bit his lip. All that running for nothing! What will he do now? Will he have to pay a late fee? What will become of his shoes?

He held back tears.

Suddenly the cashier turned back to Smitty and handed him the tapes.

"Sir, these aren't from our store. They are from the other store across town." the cashier mumbled. "They won't be due back there until tonight."

So Smitty took the tapes back home and watched them again and again.

Later that week he went to a surprise party.

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