Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Smitty D gets a haircut

The door creaked as it opened. Two older gentlemen sat in the corner playing chess. They stopped and looked at the door. There stood Smitty D.
"Hello old men! Hello chess board!" said Smitty.

"Yeah, hi." Grunted the old man in the cheap suit. His opponent just smirked.

"Hello Smitty D." Said the King.

"Good to see you big boy!" Said the Queen.

"Moo!" Said the little horsie guy.

"Moo?" Thought the old man in the cheap suit.
Then he grabbed the horsie guy, put him on a hamburger roll and ate him with some fries.
"I need to get a haircut." Said Smitty.

"Just a hair?" Said the old man in the suit. "Why only one!?! Ha ha!"

His opponent was still smirking. Then, suddenly, he slumped down in his chair and fell over dead.
"Is he dead?" said Smitty.

"Yeah, I guess. Help me carry him to the closet" said the old man in the cheap suit.
"The closet?" Asked Smitty.

"Yes" he replied "we will throw him in there with the rest of the old dead guys."

And they did. Then Smitty D got a haircut.

The End

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